heated seats binghamton ny

J&R Upholstery has been the local leader for heated seat install for quite some time. We know about staying warm during cold weather! Our heated seats heat the back and the bottom of the seat, and come with an attractive, 3 position control switch. What about a motorcycle or snowmobile seat? Oh... yes we can!

  • Professional install with a factory style control switch.
  • We don't disturb air bag sensors... so safety is never compromised!
  • Comes with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty from date of install.
  • Yes, we can heat motorcycle and snowmobile seats, too!

Lumbar Support

Have you found the perfect vehicle, but the seat isn't quite right for you? We can help! J&R Upholstery can install power lumbar support in your driver seat. Adjustable lumbar support can greatly increase the comfort and lower back support of a seat, making even longer rides a lot more enjoyable!

  • Professionally installed with a factory style control switch.
  • Allows for more or less aggressive lumbar support when needed.
  • A great weapon for people who battle lower back pain while driving.
  • Excellent alternative to cushions that constantly need adjustment.