Convertible Tops

So you have a convertible top that needs a little love. What to do next?

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J&R Upholstery offers convertible tops, mock tops, and soft top Jeeps.

How to Care for Your Top

Always Leave a new top and glass or plastic window in the up position for a minimum of 2 weeks after your top is
installed. As convertible top frames age, links and joints wear and top frames do not have the same alignment as when
convertibles were new. Leaving convertible tops and glass windows in the up position after installation allows them time
to relax and adjust, or become "seasoned" to the top frame.

Always Follow the instructions in your Owner’s Manual for lowering and raising your Top. Always keep the top well area
free of objects, especially if a Glass Window is installed with your Top. Even harmless looking objects such as beach
towels can cause glass windows to break. Objects in your top well can further cause unnecessary wear and stress on
top frames, plus cause damage to your top and to plastic windows as well.

Always Unlatch Top at front before unzipping, or zipping window closed before latching for any convertible Top, Glass
or Plastic Window, unless different instructions appear in your owners manual.

Do not Raise or lower convertible tops, glass or plastic window assemblies when the temperature is below 40 degrees
(5 degrees Centigrade) since this can cause damage to the topping, plastic windows and other components.

Do not Lower your convertible top, glass or plastic window when the top is wet, to avoid discoloration or other damage
to the topping or inside backing.


Sunroofs are great! However they can occasionally malfunction, allow water to seep in, or just need a little T.L.C. That’s where we come in! Our technicians have the experience and skill to root out the cause of your issues and get your sunroof back into proper operating condition.

  • Over 40 years of combined technician experience diagnosing and repairing sunroofs.
  • Plugged drain tubes, main frame replacement, weather strip replacements… we’ve seen it all!
  • We always look for the most cost effective, quality repair for each customer.

Broken Glass…

Broken Glass…

Like New!

Like New!