Back up Sensors/ Blind Spots & DVR Systems!

Safety First!

With today's technology there are many ways to utilize new safety features! We can add back up sensors/alarms, blind spot sensors and DVR systems to name a few!

Call us to explore the many safety options that may be available for your vehicle.

Back up Sensors & Alarms

  • Alerts the driver with a high pitched beeps & LED lights. The more rapid the beep the closer you are to the object.
  • Back up alarms make noise outside the vehicle to alert others.

Auto Safety Systems
Auto Safety Systems
Blind Spot/DVR System & Cameras

Blind Spot/DVR System & Cameras

3D Parking Assist with DVR

  • The surround view system eliminates blind spots and assists drivers in safe parking.
  • Four 180-degree cameras continuously record and using our advanced 3D software enables a 360-degree surround view.
  • The 3D view software construct the virtual view of 3D image of vehicle surrounding that allows 45-degree of viewing angle with wider viewing area
  • Is more advanced than the 2D systems commonly used by car
  • manufactures, while the vehicle is parked, any triggered event (manual or auto) is saved to the included 8-GB SD card for future DVR video viewing.

Lane Departure Warning System - Front Collision Warning System and DVR all in one

Lane Departure Warning System - Front Collision Warning System and DVR all in one

  • The latest technology including optical recognition of the road ahead of your vehicle.
  • Recognizes traffic lane markings and alerts the driver with an audible tone when the vehicle begins to drift off its lane without a turn signal on when traveling on freeways and main roads at speeds greater than 35 MPH.
  • Additionally, when traveling at or above 15 MPH it will recognize any vehicles directly in front and warn you if they pose a hazard or are suddenly too close for safety.
  • A video display is available with an external monitor (additional option)

RADAR Blind Spot Object Detection System (2 sensors) includes LED display & buzzer. GPS antenna included for speed detection.

Adds an extra set of eyes and warns the driver if there are any vehicles in either blind spot before and during a lane change maneuver. This system uses GPS to initiate operation above 20 MPH eliminating potential fault alerts.

  • High Accuracy Digital Microwave Radar Technology
  • Two LED indicators for visual warning
  • Buzzer speaker for audio warning
  • GPS Antenna Included for Speed Sensing
  • No drilling required
  • Not applicable with metal bumpers
  • Moving Traffic Alert while Reversing